Seasoned Energy Experts

Encore Energy is managed by a group of talented energy professionals that have an average of 24 years of experience in the natural gas industry. We can get the job done for you!

Brief Biographies of Encore Management Team

Ken Graeber - President and CEO

Ken is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Encore Energy Services, Inc. Ken is a registered Professional Engineer and has a wealth of experience in customer service and support, sales, pipeline design, pipeline and utility rate negotiations, and business management. Ken has served in multiple engineering, sales, managerial, and officer positions in the Aquila Energy, Cornerstone Energy, and Constellation Energy organizations before founding Encore in 2010. Ken holds a Bachelor of Science degree with honors in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. - Outlook V-Card

Bret Feller - Executive Vice President and COO

Bret has been an Executive Vice President and Encore's Chief Operating Officer since 2012. Bret supervises all day-to-day operational aspects of Encore. Bret has been in the energy industry his entire professional career, dating back to 1991. Bret has extensive experience in the natural gas industry and has held several key positions including sales, marketing, gas trading, and overall business management with multiple organizations including Aquila, Cornerstone, Constellation and Strategic Energy Partners. Of historical note, Bret was the President and CEO of Cornerstone Energy and the Co-Chief Commercial Officer of Constellation NewEnergy Gas. Bret graduated magna cum laude earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. - Outlook V-Card

Jerry McKenna - Executive Vice President and CAO

Jerry joined Encore in 2012 and serves as an Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer. Jerry has extensive energy experience dating to 1991 in natural gas measurement, engineering, scheduling, sales, and business management. Prior to Encore, Jerry worked in a variety of technical, sales, managerial and officer positions in the Aquila, Cornerstone, Constellation and Strategic Energy Partners organizations. Jerry's pre-energy background included 14 years of electronics and managerial experience in the broadcast industry. Jerry graduated from the Radio Engineering Institute of Nebraska. - Outlook V-Card

Duane Korth - Chief Information Officer

Duane has a total of 33 years of information technology experience with five energy companies. Duane has held a variety of direct hands-on and supervisory technical positions including hardware, software, application development, communications and cyber security. In the most recent past, Duane managed all IT-related responsibilities for Cornerstone Energy and was the Director of IT for the Retail Gas Division at Constellation Energy. Duane is highly recognized within the industry for his in-depth knowledge of the gas and power businesses and how available technology can bring accuracy, speed and efficiency to every aspect of the energy business. Duane holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. - Outlook V-Card

Joe Stappert - General Manager

Joe has acquired a lengthy resume of energy experience since 1990 including customer support, quality assurance, natural gas supply and sales, hydrocarbon measurement and chromatography, measurement engineering and design, and project management. Joe has extensive experience in operations, operating standards, utility tariffs, natural gas and power deregulation, marketing, extensive data analytics disciplines, and various managerial positions. Joe's responsibilities at Encore include sales, market analysis, project management, feasibility analysis, green energy initiatives, and development of pipeline infrastructure and energy supply projects. Joe graduated from Northeast Community College with an Associates of Applied Science degree in Electronics Technology. - Outlook V-Card

Dawn Bradburn - Vice President, Operations

Dawn ably manages Encore's operations group that includes scheduling, load forecasting, pricing and risk management. Dawn leads a highly capable team that ensures customers receive competitive supply and transportation pricing, and that all transactions are efficiently completed in a cost effective manner. Dawn has held a number of key backroom positions at different energy companies including deal structure, risk management, gas accounting, volume administration, and gas control. Dawn graduated from the University of Nebraska at Kearney with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. - Outlook V-Card

Kim Herzog - Vice President, Sales

Kim is a gifted customer "partner" with a proactive approach and passion for working with customers to develop customized natural gas strategies with a focus on risk management. She has extensive experience in energy, engineering, sales and strategy management fields that provides each customer with an exceptional and rewarding experience. Kim has been in the energy industry since 2015 when she joined a successful catalysis start-up company where she fulfilled a key leadership role as Director of Strategy and Market Development. Kim joined Encore in 2017 as a Sales Manager where she displayed an immediate talent for assisting each customer find the best solution for their unique requirements. Kim will continue to focus on working with individual customers and provide guidance and assistance for all of Encore's sales and marketing efforts. Kim earned her BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota. - Outlook V-Card

Eric Todd - Vice President, Business Development

Eric joined Encore in 2016 as an Account Rep and Business Manager based out of Minnesota. Eric has 17 years of experience providing energy management services and consulting on natural gas supply and infrastructure requirements with all types of industrial and commercial facilities. Before joining Encore, he was an Account Manager and Director with U.S. Energy (now Kinect Energy) for 10 years. Before that, Eric was a sales engineer with Fisher Controls and Emerson Process Management where he garnered valuable technical and relationship experience applying process control equipment and systems for industrial plants, gas transmission, gas distribution, gas storage and power generating facilities. Eric will work closely with Kim Herzog and is tasked with exploring opportunities that will enhance long-term value for Encore's customers. Eric earned his BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and is a Certified Energy Manager (CEM). - Outlook V-Card

Julia Brehmer - Director, Operations

As Director of Operations, Julia supervises Encore's daily scheduling and balancing services on all pipelines and utilities. Working closely with the Load Forecasting group, Julia and her associates ensure the proper amount of natural gas is delivered to each end use customer served by Encore. A day in Encore Operations is one of analyzing previous and projected day gas consumption, optimizing flow efficiencies and confirming gas deliveries on multiple pipelines and utilities, each with their own set of specific rules and nuances. Julia has 20+ years of multi-disciplined customer-related experience throughout the natural gas marketing chain and has demonstrated progressive accomplishments with ever-increasing responsibilities in both natural gas and power - Outlook V-Card

Diane Michalski - Chief Financial Officer

Diane oversees the accounting group that manages all Encore AR and AP responsibilities. Diane supervises the tracking of all gas supply, pipeline, and utility transportation charges. In addition, Diane manages all invoicing efforts that ensure customers receive accurate and timely bills each month. Prior to joining Encore, Diane has held a number of accounting positions with accelerating levels of responsibility for several energy companies. Diane holds an Associate's degree in Business Administration from Iowa Western Community College. - Outlook V-Card

Scott Onken - Director, Gas Accounting

Scott has been working in the natural gas industry for more than 22 years with several energy companies. He has held various increased levels of responsibility in those accounting positions. Prior to the natural gas industry, Scott worked in public accounting for 10 years. Scott's primary responsibilities with Encore consist of all functions surrounding customer care after gas flows to the customer. This includes processing and tracking pipeline costs, utility costs, gas costs, and gas volumes by customer. This information is used to perform invoicing and customer usage analysis. Scott also schedules gas on one of the largest pipelines in which Encore conducts business. Scott holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. - Outlook V-Card

Amanda Scott - Director, Load Forecasting

Amanda is responsible for "predicting the future." Using the latest customer consumption data, current weather predictions and regression analysis, Amanda oversees our customers' daily usage forecasts that are critical to keeping Encore a low-cost provider by ensuring pipeline and utility imbalances and cash outs are kept to a minimum. Her background includes 11 years at Black Hills Energy where she did everything from scheduling, forecasting and contract management. Amanda is a highly skilled professional who enjoys bringing technical solutions to complex challenges. Amanda graduated from Northwest Missouri State University with a duel degree in Marketing/Management and went on to get her MBA from Creighton University. - Outlook V-Card

Mike Petersen - Senior Client Services Representative

Mike is responsible for working directly with sales managers and gas suppliers to ensure all customer pricing and risk management procedures are properly and efficiently structured and executed. Mike has held a number of critical backroom positions at different energy companies over the past 24 years including deal structure, gas accounting, volume administration, and gas control. Mike graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. - Outlook V-Card

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