Encore Energy Sustainability

Leading the Way in an Evolving Energy Landscape

At Encore Energy, we understand the complex and rapidly evolving landscape of energy sustainability. Recognizing the increased societal, corporate and governmental pressures to address carbon emissions, we are at the forefront, driving change rather than observing it from the sidelines. Our roots in natural gas supply run deep, but our vision extends far beyond that, embracing the future and the growing need for eco-friendly practices.

We've expanded our offerings to include innovative products like Carbon Offsets, Responsibly Sourced Gas (RSG), and Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) to meet changing market demands. Moreover, we offer expert sustainability consulting services to help our clients understand their options and reach their sustainability goals of becoming carbon neutral. At Encore Energy, we don't just supply natural gas; we partner with you in every aspect of your energy needs. Explore our offerings, and let's journey towards greener horizons together.

Carbon Offsets:

This product allows customers to voluntarily take immediate and direct action on their carbon emissions. The affordable investment goes towards certified projects around the world aimed at reducing or removing greenhouse gas emissions such as reforestation efforts, renewable energy initiatives, and methane capture projects. Pairing carbon offsets that match the CO2 emissions of burning natural gas is one way to become carbon neutral.

Responsibly Sourced Gas (RSG):

Choose gas that meets higher standards. RSG undergoes stringent third-party certification, ensuring that its production and transportation align with rigorous environmental and societal criteria. By focusing on minimizing methane leakage and assessing the impact on water, air, land, and local communities, RSG offers a more conscious choice at a slight premium over standard gas rates.

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG):

Harness energy from nature's cycle. Our RNG is a premium biomethane, derived from renewable sources like landfills and dairy farms. Once captured, this methane is integrated into natural gas pipelines or used for RNG-compatible vehicles. While its cost reflects its sustainable sourcing, its value is evident in its significantly reduced carbon intensity, making it a prime choice for those prioritizing sustainability.

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