This past February natural gas prices rose to unprecedented levels impacting thousands of customers across the Midwest, Rocky Mountains, and Southern regions of the United States. Record cold temperatures were observed in many cities including much of the Panhandle production area, resulting in well freeze-offs and natural gas shortages. As supply levels decreased, the demand for natural gas rose due to increased heating and electric generation load. The end result was that natural gas prices soared to unthinkable levels (exceeding $1,000 per Dth in Oklahoma). Fortunately, Encore Energy was able to manage this extraordinary event and work with each customer to make the best of it despite the loss of supply across several pipelines due to wellhead freeze-offs. In particular, Encore kept its customers out of pipeline/utility penalties, avoided passing on extremely expensive gas costs, and successfully worked through delivery issues. Much of the credit goes to Encore’s highly experienced backroom staff who worked tirelessly to ensure the flow of gas at a reasonable price. The same can’t be said of our competition as we continue to add new customers as a result of the competition burdening customers with extremely high natural gas prices and costly penalties.

Below are a few of the many pieces of positive feedback from our customers regarding the February event:

  • “Your regular communication kept me on track and allowed me to handle my facility production needs extremely well.”
  • "My company can’t thank you enough for your availability and the knowledge your people displayed throughout the February ordeal. Your calm professionalism was just what was needed.”
  • “Thank you Encore. You are good people!”
  • “The most telling indication of the integrity of Encore was their response to the recent gas crisis due to the historic cold snap…Encore dealt professionally and ethically with us.”

If you feel your company overpaid for natural gas this past winter or wasn’t treated quite right, please contact Encore Energy as we would welcome the opportunity to discuss how Encore can assist your company and ensure an event like this won’t cause distress to you again.

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