Encore was informed today that it has received a distinguished sustainability rating from EcoVadis, the world’s preeminent sustainability rating service.  EcoVadis explained that Encore had received an exceptionally high overall sustainability scorecard rating of “67” placing Encore in the 89th percentile of the hundreds of thousands of companies throughout the world that EcoVadis rates on sustainability.

The welcome news follows a lengthy voluntary process through the summer months whereby Encore submitted large amounts of data, documents, and completed questionnaires to EcoVadis on various sustainability components including Environmental Stewardship, Sustainable Procurement, Ethics, and Labor & Human Resources.  Upon final data submission, EcoVadis completed its sustainability analysis of Encore over a 9-week period.

EcoVadis is the world’s most trusted independent sustainability rating entity providing a common universal benchmarking platform that has screened 1.6 million companies in 200 industries in 175 countries.  The scorecard rating is shared with and used by companies in their procurement decision making and by banks in making their financial wherewithal decisions.

Ken Graeber, Encore’s President & CEO (and chairs Encore’s Sustainability Committee on its Board of Directors), commented that he was pleased with Encore’s sustainability performance citing, “Encore’s sustainability rating is highly impressive, but I am not surprised given the commitment and dedication to our sustainability goals I have witnessed from our associates over the last few years.  This rating provides evidence that we remain headed in the right direction with our available products, services, and internal processes.”

EcoVadis Rating Certificate

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