Encore Energy Looking to Grow

Omaha, NE - 12/26/2014

Ken Graeber, Encore’s founder, President and CEO, announced today Encore’s intention to expand its operating territory and reach.  “Encore has truly been blessed with solid growth since its inception.  We are so fortunate to already have such a fine customer base.  A good percentage of our growth has been by our current customers asking us to serve their other locations and recommending Encore to others.  To date, we have taken a careful and measured approach to our growth plans to ensure we continue to provide the same quality of product to all of our customers wherever they may be located.  Providing a best-in-class customer experience is in our DNA and Encore will never jeopardize that tenet.  Having said that, I believe now is an ideal time to take a slightly more proactive approach to Encore’s growth and see if we can’t fill in a few holes in our current customers’ service territories and bring the Encore brand to new markets.  Today I am pleased to announce Encore intends to actively solicit direct sales personnel for selected markets where Encore already has assets or access to competitively-priced assets.  Finding and recruiting highly qualified sales people that have the 'customer first' and 'can do' attitude is our first critical task.  Encore will not operate in any market without the right mix of people and assets.  Any markets we choose to pursue will have been fully evaluated to confirm our ability to provide Encore-quality service and support in an efficient and competitively-priced manner.  We will not compromise the Encore brand or our integrity until we find the best fit for each market."

More specific information on potential positions may be found on the Career Opportunities tab.

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