Winter is Upon Us

Omaha, NE - 11/06/2014

It seems like last year’s brutal winter just ended, but now another winter is on our doorstep.  The nation’s natural gas storage inventory ended last year at an 11-year low of just 0.8 Tcf after starting the winter at 3.8 Tcf.  We were blessed with a relatively cool summer across the country which allowed a lot of natural gas to be directed to storage instead being consumed by natural gas-fired electric generation.  The storage inventory is now replenished to a winter-starting level of about 6% under the 5-year average.  This current level was felt to be highly improbable back in March. Prices were relatively stable throughout the summer reflecting a good supply/demand balance. All in all, production across the country continues to strengthen while demand is also increasing. Encore Energy is again ready and able to provide reliable natural gas this winter along with exceptional customer service.  As we state above, “some things are worth repeating”, but not many would want to repeat last winter’s weather!

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