Historic Cold Blasts the U.S.

Omaha, NE - 01/16/2014

Throughout the Midcontinent and much of the country, we recently experienced a cold wave like we haven’t felt in decades. Air temperatures dropped well below zero and wind chills were 20 to 50+ below zero. Wind chills of more than 20 below zero were even felt as far south as Kansas and Missouri. It was even reported that the average temperature across the ENTIRE United States was on the order of only 12 degrees F on Monday morning January 6th.

Encore Energy has always taken great pride in the fact that we have never interrupted a customer and even after this brutal cold snap, we can still report that. While the natural gas infrastructure was certainly put to the test, Encore once again used its vast industry expertise and substantial assets to strategically navigate our way through this extreme weather event.

Encore delivers natural gas to customers from northern Minnesota to southern Oklahoma and many points in between. We can proudly report that gas service was not interrupted to any customers that we supply, nor did they receive any penalties.

Thanks for your business!

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