It was a brutal winter across the country with cold temperatures and heavy snowfall blanketing much of the Midwest and Northeast and even into the Southeast.  Each and every month this winter was colder than normal in the Midcontinent which is quite unusual.  While there are a long list of fundamental and technical factors that drive the price of natural gas over the long haul, this past winter was a fierce reminder that the fundamental factor of weather can be the primary driving force in the end.

Gas suppliers need to pay a great degree of attention to the details each and every day in order to keep gas flowing and protect customers from out of tolerance penalties. It is a challenging task even during a normal winter, but was especially difficult this winter.  Winters like this separate the excellent suppliers from the marginal ones and the long term players from the not so long.  Encore Energy takes great pride in the fact that we protect customers from penalties and punitive monthly cashouts. Despite operational challenges due to extreme and frequent cold snaps, Encore did not charge any penalties to customers nor did we interrupt flow at any time. Can your supplier make the same statement?

If you are not a customer of Encore and are concerned about how your supplier met the challenge this winter, please consider giving us a look.

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